ISC 2017 features education in a variety of formats

article2The International Stroke Conference, Feb. 22-24 in Houston, offers learning opportunities about stroke treatment and research both in and outside the education sessions. New sessions include debates, TED CED talks and a team competition, while the Science & Technology Hall offers popular features such as the Simulation Zone and the Case Studies Theater. To track all conference information, you can refer to the Mobile Meeting Guide app.

Game of Strokes is a new interactive session taking place on Thursday, Feb. 23. Three teams of stroke professionals from around the world will wage a friendly intellectual war in a fast and furious game show-style quiz competition featuring verbal and video questions. Attendees can use the ISC 2017 Mobile Meeting App to play along and test their stroke knowledge. The teams will be made up of stroke leaders representing the U.S. and Canada; Asia and Australia; and Europe.

TED CED (Cerebrovascular Education and Discovery) Talks is a compelling session on Thursday, Feb. 23. Stroke leaders will deliver short, powerful talks that offer rousing ideas on stroke research, education or policy. Each talk will last about 18 minutes, followed by four minutes of audience questions per talk.

Crossfire Debates is a new feature focusing on “Controversies in Stroke” that will take place at the closing Main Event on Friday, Feb. 24. The debates will feature stimulating discourses by leaders on some of the hottest topics in stroke. Topics include: treatment of unruptured brain AVMs after the ARUBA trial results: should we treat patients with good Spetzler Martin Grade (1 – 3) brain AVMs; are we ready to study medical therapy again for symptomatic carotid artery stenosis?; and should TPA-eligible patients with emergent large vessel occlusion be treated directly with mechanical thrombectomy?

For each topic, two or more authorities will pitch opposing viewpoints — including rebuttals — to the audience, which will vote on who made the stronger case.

The Simulation Zone in the Science & Technology Hall will feature three displays:

  • Body Interact is a screen-based, 3-D immersive training platform that virtualizes acute and chronic neurovascular disorders. Participants will evaluate lifelike virtual patients and “treat” a variety of conditions in a setup that offers dynamic monitoring, dialoguing, diagnostic testing, imaging, drugs, intervention options and performance debriefing.
  • NeuroVRTM is a virtual reality neurosurgery simulator that provides an opportunity to practice open cranial and endoscopic brain surgery procedures in a realistic training environment. Options range from essential skills through advanced procedures and feature lifelike renderings of brain tissue, blood vessels and tumors, realistic sounds and tactile feedback.
  • Apollo is a technologically advanced, mannequin-based simulator that sets the standard in appearance, realism and physiology. It uses preprogrammed clinical experiences containing evidence-based training scenarios that include acute strokes and other neurovascular conditions.

The Case Studies Theater provides insight into the decision making, technical aspects and management of common procedures. It also highlights innovations, giving attendees additional knowledge about best practices for the day-to-day care of their patients. Two 10-minute presentations will take place in Booth 541 in the Science & Technology Hall’s Product Theater, followed by 20 minutes devoted to a panel discussion and a question-and-answer period.

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