Happy anniversary, tPA!

ISC Program Chair Miguel A. Perez-Pinzon, PhD, FAHA, AHA President Nancy Brown and AHA President Robert A. Harrington, MD, FAHA, will host the Opening Main Event Wednesday and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the tPA trial results, the fifth anniversary of the endovascular trial results and the 50th anniversary of the Stroke journal.

Here is the lineup for the Opening Main Event:

Welcome and Introduction of AHA/ASA President
Nancy Brown

AHA Presidential Address
Robert A. Harrington, MD, FAHA

25th Anniversary of the tPA Trial Results and the Fifth Anniversary of the Endovascular Trials’ Results
Patrick D. Lyden, MD

25th Anniversary of the tPA Trial Results
John R. Marler, MD

Fifth Anniversary of theEndovascular Trials’ Results
Tudor G. Jovin, MD

50th Anniversary Celebration of the Stroke Journal

Stroke: The First 40 Years
Vladimir Hachinski, CM, MD, DSc

Stroke Accomplishments and Innovations Over the Past 10 Years
Marc Fisher

The International Impact of Stroke
Stephen Davis

Stroke: A Vision for the Future
Ralph L. Sacco

Check the Stroke Online Program Planner or the AHA Conferences App for specific times and locations.