Mar. 27, 2019

  • Zivin Lecture: Debate Rages on tPA vs. tNK for Acute StrokeIs it time to switch from alteplase (tPA) to tenecteplase (tNK) to treat acute stroke? There are data on both sides, but no large head-to-head trials have reported to date. READ MORE
  • When to Begin Secondary Stroke Prevention During Index HospitalizationPatients who survive a first stroke are at increased risk for later strokes. That increased risk makes secondary prevention a priority. The question is, what treatment or treatments are most effective and when they should begin. READ MORE
  • Time is Right for Women in StrokeGender-based salary and promotion discrepancies are as real in stroke as they are in any other field. But women are neither alone nor helpless in addressing and correcting workplace discrepancies. Four female leaders in stroke explored current issues in gender disparity and strategies to deal with these issues, during the “Town Hall Forum: Women in Stroke.” READ MORE
  • Plan Now for ISC 2020 in Los AngelesMark your calendar for Feb. 19-21 for next year’s conference in sunny Los Angeles, California. We look forward to seeing you at our Stroke Council meeting in one of the most exciting locations in the world. READ MORE